Team Meat to Launch Super Meat World “Very Soon”

The two-man strong development team at Team Meat has announced that their Super Meat World portal will be launching “very soon, days away even.” The new portal will allow people to download new user-made levels, and it will ship with over five chapter and 200 levels.

For now, Super Meat World can only be obtained through Steam, though Direct2Drive hasn’t been ruled out–Team Meat just want to get paid for it. Asked about the possibility of D2D support on Twitter, the team replied: “probably not for a while (or at least not till they pay us).”

Team Meat’s method of weeding out the good user-created levels from the bad is simple. Each level can be rated with a fun and difficulty factor, and the best levels will be added to a randomly generated chapter that contains only the most complex creations.

Team Meat also assured XBLA users that they haven’t been left out. There’s no word of Super Meat World heading to the Marketplace, though the game will be receiving an additional two chapters (40 levels) in a “few weeks.” Development of the Mac edition of Super Meat Boy will commence once Super Meat World is 100% functional. The port will be a Steamplay title, meaning you won’t need to buy it again if you already own the Steam version.