Team Liquid signs former Brood War pro “Sea” to their StarCraft II Squad

In a move I can only describe as fitting, former StarCraft Brood War pro Yum "Sea" Bo Sung has been signed by Netherlands based Team Liquid StarCraft II team. He is their fourth Korean player to join the squad after a flood of retirements from the team's many European players, including Jonathan "Jinro" Walsh and Hayden "HayprO" Hussein. Interestingly enough, of Liquid's active players, Sea is only the second Terran to join the team, joining TaeJa. We'll see if he has the same level of success as the afromentioned Korean Terran – indeed, he has a great mentor to learn from.

Sea spent most of his Brood War career on team MBCGame Hero, a team in KeSPA's OSL Proleague, winning the team's only final at the age of 16. He's yet to make much of a splash in the StarCraft II scene as of yet with his former team (8th TEAM) and hopefully his new team will help him to greatness.

Also, anyone who can tell me how many water related puns I just made in the above gets a cookie. I couldn't help myself!

Photo Credit: NeverGG

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