Team Fortress 2 adds new weapons in Day 2 of Pyromania

Day 2 of Team Fortress 2's Pyromania event has revealed all-new weapons for characters within the game. Pyromania is Valve's "massive update" to Team Fortress 2 celebrating the release of the final "Meet the Team" short, Meet the Pyro. The Meet the Pyro short will go live today, but meanwhile Valve, yesterday, highlighted the new weapons in the City on Fire.

Six weapons in total are being added to the free-to-play shooter: two for the scout, two for the sniper, one for the soldier, and one for the pyro. Check out the details below:

The Public Enemy – Scout

Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol (Pistol)

  • +15% max health on wearer
  • Wearer never takes falling damage
  • 25% slower firing speed
  • 50% fire damage vulnerability on wearer

Baby Face's Blaster (Scattergun)

  • 40% more accurate
  • On Hit: Builds Boost
  • Run at up to double speed at maximum Boost
  • -30% damage penalty
  • 35% slower movement speed on wearer
  • Boost resets on jump

The Urban Professional – Sniper

The Cleaner's Carbine (SMG)

  • On Kill: 3 seconds of 100% critical chance
  • -20% clip size
  • 35% slower firing speed
  • No random critical hits

The Hitman's Heatmaker (Sniper Rifle)

  • Gain Focus on kills and assists
  • Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is full
  • In Focus: +25% faster charge and no unscoping
  • Headshot kills cause decapitation
  • -20% damage penalty on body shot

The Dumpster Diver – Soldier

The Beggar's Bazooka (Rocket Launcher)

  • Hold Fire to load up to three rockets
  • Release Fire to unleash the barrage
  • +3 degrees random projectile deviation
  • Overloading the chamber will cause a misfire
  • Cannot collect ammo from dispensers

The Pyro

The Scorch Shot (Flare Gun)

  • Flare knocks back target on hit and ignites enemies in a small radius
  • -50% damage penalty

While those are the new weapons being introduced, the Pyromania update offers so much more for Team Fortress 2 players. Also being implemented is a new Doomsday map which introduces a new game mode that lets you relive one of the darkest days in Team Fortress history.

Be sure to check back today for the new Meet the Pyro short.