Team Curse already feeling the pressure from League of Legends’ season 3

With the League of Legends Championship Series kicking off February 7th, all teams are already feeling the pressure of the spotlight.  While six teams have already sealed their safety within their divisions, the other ten teams is still up in the air. So unless you’re sitting pretty right now, it really is crunch time. In the video below, Team Curse explains how they are feeling “the fire under their feet.”

The cliché ‘make it or break it’ couldn’t apply more to their situation. After coming in fourth at PAX Prime, losing to CLG, Team Curse went into a dark and reconstructive period. Competitive League of Legends is their professional career, by not qualifying as one of the top three, they need to fight to remain a presence in season 3. 

While Team Curse is one of the more loveable North American teams, a manager has to take responsibility if the team isn’t producing.  Due to this reason, Curse knows they have to step it up or their out of it. Being a pro gamer is the dream for these players and if they don’t make it then the fantasy could end.  Even Voyboy mentions quitting LoL, going back to school, and becoming a doctor. What a cruel, cruel reality.    

The League of Legends Championship series will not be without drama and heart ache. The league is filled with personalities that will stop at nothing to be the best. League of Legends, eSports, and all viewers better get prepared for the grand show that will unfold next month.