Teacher dances her way to a new world record for longest videogame marathon

A living inspiration

The challenge: Beat the World Record for a videogame marathon lasting more than 135 hours. Carrie Swidecki was built for this.

A teacher, multiple Guinness World Record holder and champion of exergaming, Swidecki set out to beat the record from July 11 to July 17 by playing Just Dance 2015. It meant preparing for a level of exhaustion like never before. But she succeeded, setting a new record of 138 hours. In so doing, she even topped her previous World Record of 76 hours for Longest Videogame Marathon on a Dance Game!

Partnering with the Children's Miracle Network and Extra Life motivated her endurance, and the broadcasted event on Twitch helped her raise over $7,000 for charity. Reaching her goal was no small accomplishment, making for "the happiest day of [her] life."

Us danced-out folk salute Swidecki for her courage and determination!