Targetware Announces "The Huff" for Flight Sim Fans


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March 7th, 2001


Targetware announces "The Huff" certified community add-on


Targetware series of online combat flight simulators, are based upon a unique
physics engine developed for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms by
Sickware, a privately held company located in San Francisco, California.
Sickware operates as a virtual corporation comprised of an international
development staff from three countries.


Targetware announced certification of a second Target Korea aircraft skin
developed by Mike "Oil Can" Caulk. "The Huff" is an
F-86F-1 flown by Lt. Jim Thompson of the 51st FIW and it is perhaps one of the
most colorfully adorned Sabres ever to fly the skies of Korea. Lt. Thompson
encountered a particularly well flown Chinese MiG-15 decorated with a green
dragon. Upon shooting it down and returning to base, he had one painted on his
Sabre, thus "The Huff". The aircraft flew with this paint scheme in
the late Spring of 1953. Actual in-game (un-retouched) screenshots of his
unique checkered tail Mig killer of the 51st FIW, may be viewed at


of Mike "Oil Can" Caulk’s custom skins can be found at his "MiG
Alley Skin Central" website at


information about other F86 Aces of the Korean War, may be found at


should be noted that players may fly their F86-F30 Sabre in the actual game
using this unique skin, or any other provided by Targetware and the add-on
development community. It will then be seen exactly as illustrated by all
other players within the game, making it clearly distinct from other aircraft
of exactly the same type. Using this unique capability of Targetware’s
"open architecture", entire groups of players may represent their
individual squad identifications and personal aircraft markings, as opposed to
all aircraft types looking exactly the same. To date, this capability has been
extremely limited within massively multi-player on-line flight simulations.
Its availability in Targetware products presents outstanding opportunities for
the creation of more historical and realistic community events.


Targetware engine blends an exceptionally secure and unique development
architecture together with direct "hands-on" community
participation, in order to create a 250+ player on-line environment, which
essentially has been designed by the customer base itself. With an open
architecture approach to graphics, flight models, terrains and even servers,
Targetware combines extensibility and customization with a high-fidelity
flight simulator, that insures that everyone is playing by the same rules.
Targetware is the "branding" identifier for the engine and the
series of products that are being built under it. For example, the first of
the series will be titled Target Korea and will feature the Mig 15bis versus
the F86f-30 Sabre. Target Korea is currently undergoing closed beta testing
and is expected to be simultaneously available in open beta for both Windows
and Macintosh systems within 90 days.


more information on this news release, or on how to develop add-on
modifications for Targetware , please contact:

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