Tales of Pirates: Version 2.0 Winter Island

September 17, 2008

Tales of Pirates: Version 2.0
Winter Island

Tales of Pirates is now preparing
version 2.0 which will bring fresh experiences to players including new stories,
maps, mobs, quests and systems, and especially the massive PVP system. Right now
we’re going to give you a preview of Tales of Pirates V2.0.

On the Ascaron calendar 4035, a
shining fireball streaked across the sky and dropped into the sea, south of the
Deep Blue Region, followed by a terrible tsunami that swept the world. After the
tsunami, adventurers arrived in the region of the sea where the fireball had
dropped, and found a giant whirlpool swirling in the middle of the sea, out of
which came a chilling air and a continuous roaring.

The whirlpool is connected to the
legendary snowbound isle known as, Winter Island. More and more adventurers
found this whirlpool and got through to Winter Island. On the island they found
a comatose and injured man, Njorth Ville, who had disappeared 10,000 years ago.
Njorth Ville went to the world of Prajna to find something important, but he had
to stay there when the situation turned bad. When he was finally able to return,
he was shocked by what he saw.

Njorth Ville and Goddess Cara used
to live on Winter Island for a brief period of happiness. Goddess Cara was angry
at Njorth Villes for leaving and smashed the beautiful Winter Island into
several small islands which were endlessly covered by snow.

Njorth Villes stood on a mountain on
the central island and looked at the world. Sadness filled his eyes. Most island
citizens have moved away and few of them stay in this remote wasteland with
Njorth Ville. Until, hero Lance and his friends arrived at the whirlpool…

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