Tales of Graces f Walkthrough | Cutscenes & Skits – Part 04 (HD)

Tales of Graces f follows the adventures of a group of former childhood friends, as they attempt to rediscover the bonds between them and save the world. Here we've collected the game's cutscenes and skits for your enjoyment, in full HD!

Part 4 – a Pact of Friendship

Asbel, Richard and Sophie all survive the fall from the cliff, but now its time to find their way back up! After a run-in with a bear, they find themselves before a large tree atop Lhant Hill, celebrating their new friendship by carving their names into the tree's trunk. Back in town, Asbel is scolded by his father for running off and putting the prince in danger, though he is spared harsh punishment when Richard reveals that Asbel saved his life. Despite this, Asbel is confined to his room while his father and Hubert head off to the capital of Barona. Richard leaves as well, learning that his father, the king, has fallen ill.