Tales from the Borderlands’ story to be told from two perspectives

Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale's new episodic adventure inspired from Gearbox's Borderlands universe, will feature two main playable protagonists: Rhyse, a Hyperion man with a robotic arm and skillful hacker (he's NOT Handsome Jack); and Fiona, a swindling con-artist born and raised on Pandora. Neither are vault hunters, but they each have their own reasons and agenda for being on Pandora. 

"We're going to tell the story from two perspectives and the way that we're setting this up is the story is sort of their interpretation of events so you'll get one side of the story from one character, another side of the story from the other character, and their both kind of lying jerks because it's Borderlands," explained lead designer Harrison Pink at the SXSW panel. "So the truth is kind of in between."

"Each of our two main characters are both kind of telling fish stories the whole time where their version of events are kind of suspect," added Telltale Games co-founder and president Kevin Bruner. "Like, did things really go down that way? And the game doesn't necessarily present the truth. The true story lies somewhere in the middle, but your never really playing what actually happened."

"Making up the story, or making up the lie is a really entertaining part of the game," Bruner said.

Though Telltale couldn't discuss the specific details as to how you'll be switching between the two characters, Pink did say it will be done in "a Telltale way." In other words, Telltale will tailor a specific narrative to the way the game gets played, so I'm assuming it'll adjust based on your decisions. 

Also during the panel, Telltale shared with us the first ever screenshot from the game. Check it out here.