Tale of Tales Release The Graveyard for iPhone

March 8, 2010

Tale of Tales Release The
Graveyard for iPhone

The evening of life in the palm
of your hand

Almost two years after its initial
release for Mac OSX and Windows, Tale of Tales have ported their controversial
indie title The Graveyard to Apple’s iPhone platform. As of now, The Graveyard
can be purchased in the App Store for 1.99 US Dollars. As with the PC release, a
Lite version is available for free. The only difference between the two is that
in the full version, the protagonist may die.

The Graveyard can be
downloaded via


Or directly from the App Store:


The Graveyard is a very short game.
You play an elderly woman who visits a cemetery. She walks down a straight path
towards a bench in front of a chapel. She is old and has trouble walking. So it
takes a while to get there. During the difficult walk, we pass by the neatly
arranged rows of concrete tombs embedded in a lush atmosphere of sun, clouds,
trees, shrubs and animals who found a home in this place. When she finally
arrives at the bench, the woman sits down and listens to a song. It’s a pensive
moment, a quiet pause. When the song is done, she gets up and walks back to the
gate. In the full version of the game, there is a chance that she dies while
sitting on the bench.

"The Graveyard offers a player the
opportunity to imagine themselves in a certain situation," explain creators
Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. "It’s not a game in the sense that there is a
way to win or lose or a puzzle to solve, or even a story to uncover. But the
interaction does immerse you in a virtual world filled with narrative, an
equally powerful feature of the medium of videogames. The iPhone version of The
Graveyard is the same as the PC version. Only a few elements have been removed
or simplified to allow it to run on the iPhone hardware. But the fact that you
hold the game in your hand and touch it with your finger, adds to the sensation
of fragility and preciousness."