Tale of Tales Prepare The Endless Forest for Mardi Gras

January 28, 2008

Tale of Tales Prepare The Endless Forest for
Mardi Gras

In anticipation of Mardi Gras on February 5, Tale
of Tales have combined the artistic talents of the players of The Endless Forest
with the skills of students Digital Art and Entertainment at Howest college in
Kortrijk, Belgium. The result of this extraordinary collaboration is 9 new sets
of disguises, designed by the players and modelled and textured by the students.

The Endless Forest has been running as an
open-ended multiplayer virtual environment since September 2005. Ever since its
launch, the players of the game have contributed greatly to its ongoing

"The players of The Endless Forest are immensely
creative. This should come as no surprise in an environment that contains no
explict gameplay, pre-defined goals or even chat. The most simple interaction
requires a healthy dose of creativity. And our players seem to really enjoy
that. This activity spills over into the web forums that accompany the game.
There the players make countless suggestions for new features and post amazing
concept art. Realizing some of these designs and making them part of the game is
a dream come true."

To celebrate the occasion, the Twin Gods will
leave their pedestal and fly through the forest bringing joy and flowers to
everyone during a special ABIOGENESIS event on Tuesday, 5 Febrary at 5 pm,
Belgian time.

The Endless Forest can be downloaded for free

Tale of Tales is a game development studio headed
by media artists Auriea Harvey and Michal Samyn. Their upcoming horror title
"The Path" has recently been selected for the Independent Games Festival.

The Endless Forest players whose designs were
used are Moogie, Rah-Bop, Lyrak, Silverfyre and Twenty-One.

The students of the Howest college who have
worked on this project are Patricio Astudillo, Laurens Bekaert, Sem Brys, Stijn
Fastenaekels, Bart Spiers and Martijn Symaeys.