Take on Helicopters: Hinds DLC now available on Steam

Bohemia Interactive introduced its first DLC for Take on Helicopters on Steam today. The developer officially released the pack for online retailers—including the website of its parent company, IDEA Games—on Thursday, March 15.

"Take on Helicopters: Hinds" seats players in the famous military gunship the Hind—more specifically the Mil Mi-24 V, Mi-24 P, and Super Hind versions with over 25 different liveries. The DLC also contains a new set of single-player challenges, five time trials, and a new multiplayer scenario.

"After launching the game, we felt there was room to complement Take On Helicopters with a more ‘action-packed’ experience," said Creative Director Jay Crowe. "Our Hinds DLC is perfect for those who are seeking the authentic adrenaline rush of flying a classic military gunship and getting into combat.”

The DLC costs $16.99 on Steam.

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