Take a look at the gameplay strategy for SimCity

EA has released a new gameplay strategy for upcoming simulation game SimCity

SimCity is about choices, and the choices you choose to make will ultimately affect your strategy in the game. In this video, producer Stone Librande walks us through the basics of SimCity. You'll see the strategy that goes into picking your city's initial location as well as the building strategy for residential vs commercial vs industrial zoning. Additionally, you'll see some of the other features in SimCity like electricity, plumbing, and transportation.

Librande has hopes of creating a gambling city filled with flourishing casinos. As with anything in SimCity, you must smart small and work your way up. Librande will take us through the initial steps of eventually creating a thriving gambling city. 

As you can see, there's a ton of strategy in SimCity. Which will you take when the game releases in 2013?