Take a look at the Daredevil game that never saw the light of day

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear looks like it could have been great

Unseen64 is a brilliant archive of all things betas and cancelled games which contains a ton of screenshots and videos. One of their latest works is a YouTube video about a cancelled Daredevil game called Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (seen above) by Developer 5000ft Inc. 

The game was initially going to be fairly small in scale, as a standard 3rd person action game that showcased key scenes from the Frank Miller comics of the same name. But once news of the Ben Affleck-starred Daredevil movie came about, the scope of the project expanded to make it an open-world game.  

Unfortunately for the developers, they eventually found themselves caught in a creative struggle between Sony and Marvel. One of the things Sony was pushing the studio to do was to include traversal mechanics similar to that of the then-popular Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise while Marvel felt that contradicted with their vision of the Daredevil character. 

In many ways Daredevil was ahead of its time, utilizing a "Shadow World" mechanic that is eerily similar to Batman's Detective vision from the Arkham series. You could almost say that Daredevil: The Man Without Fear was Arkham before Arkham was.

It's sad that this game never happened, and ultimately the entire Daredevil brand never got off the ground the way that Spider-Man did at the time. The movie itself was a mixed bag at best (IMO it was the worst movie of any kind I have ever seen), and Marvel ended up leaving it be. Who knows, if we wish hard enough, maybe Marvel will give the idea of a Daredevil game a second thought considering the massive success of the Netflix series. 

Source: YouTube via Gamespot