Take a guided tour through Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

I’ve played several Final Fantasy games in my day, I feel like at this point I’m fairly familiar with the job system and what classes they offer. Excuse my ignorance when I say WHAT THE HELL IS THE CANDY RAVER CLASS!? Red Mage… check, Black Mage… check, Candy Raver… dafuq? It appears to be some sort of Lancer or Dragoon?

Anyways, this trailer is pretty awesome. It gives a general overview of what to expect from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Dive into the fast open world, pick up side quests, use new movement options never offered in a FF title, explore the vast job system, and embark on Lightning’s final fantasy. Excited!? If not, watch the video above and get there. February 11th gets THAT much closer every day.

Candy Raver

Candy Raver…