Tagger Leaves Mark on Tecmo Koei Building

The Tecmo Koei offices recently underwent some redecorating. It seems a disgruntled hoodlum decided to give the exterior of the Tecmo Koei building a new paint job. Turns out someone forgot to tell this person that a paint job usually involves repainting entire walls, not just spray-painting words onto them.

The individual appears to have a vendetta against Tecmo Koei. The rascal in question left his mark across the walls of the building, letting the company know what he really thought. Several words, such as “die,” “garbage,” and “poop game” (I’m censoring myself), were scribbled onto the walls.

Obviously, this person isn’t the biggest Tecmo Koei fan. However, the term “Tenchu” was also sprayed onto the building, which doesn’t make much sense considering that series is developed by From Software and Acquire. Either this person is just a big Tenchu fan and wants Tecmo Koei to know, or he got the series confused.

It’s unlikely that the person responsible will be brought to justice, but here’s hoping it happens soon. The number of people involved is unknown, but this may have been the work of a sole vandal, as the building wasn’t completely trashed. This person actually managed to make fanboys look bad overnight. Actually, fanboys already look pretty bad, but he managed to make them look even worse.