Tactics RPG inspired card game, Pixel Tactics Deluxe, still has a few days left on Kickstarter

For those that want to take classic tactical combat to the physical realm

There are video games, and there are board games. These two, though vastly different in their presentation and gameplay factors, are both quite similar in terms of mechanics. You can still play with other people in the hopes of accomplishing a personal or common goal. You can still venture on epic adventures, albeit on paper and mostly in your imagination. But there are a few board/card games that bleed in from the video game world. Take Level 99 Games for example, a board game company that strives to deliver fantastic board game experiences with a touch of video game goodness. Their BattleCON series for example plays out like a fight in Street Fighter.

Currently, Level 99 is running a Kickstarter, that actually has a few days left, has already reached its goal, and is offering a ton of extras for their stretch goals. The game is Pixel Tactics Deluxe. In this two player dueling game, a players drafts various pixel drawn units into a 3 x 3 grid where they must attack the opposing player on their grid. Each unit placed on the battlefield has different skills depending on where they're placed, as well as having a completely different skill when they're chosen as the main Leader.

The game emulates, and rather well I might add, a Tactics RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, and Fire Emblem, though without actually moving on the battlefield. It's probably the closest thing you'll get to those video games in a card game format.

The Kickstarter will be done in just under a week, but if you still want to pledge, now is the best time. Simply because you're guaranteed a slew of Promo cards as well as a bunch of mini-paks that will add variety to your decks.

You can check out the page's Kickstarter video right here, and then head on over to their page and see if you want to partake in the Pixel Tactics madness and take the fight from your TV screen, to your dining room table!