Tactical FPS Insurgency: Sandstorm headed to consoles this summer

Prepare for desert action in the summer

Focus Home Interactive has shared the release date for the console port of their hardcore modern-military shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait a little while still until they can play a popular PC shooter come August 25th. In the meantime, you can watch the console version in action in a new trailer below!

PC gamers have been fortunate enough to experience the hard-hitting and visceral action of Insurgency: Sandstorm for over a year already. But console gamers had to endure quite a while. When the game was originally unveiled in early 2017, console versions were confirmed but it took three years until they actually come out.

Insurgency: Sandstorm invites console players to prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, destructive artillery, and unprecedented audio design that puts the fear back into the genre. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step towards victory.
“The console market has been craving a hardcore modern-day tactical shooter for a long time. Expanding our tried and tested PC formula to the console market is a huge step in our company’s evolution and we are excited to bring our signature style of tactical FPS to the console market for the very first time” – Keith Warner, President.

Still, PS4 and Xbox One owners will have to hold out several more months, until August to finally play Sandstorm. But the wait should be totally worth it, as there are really not that many games like it out there. While you raise your brows in disbelief, the modern military setting is very common in shooters, but what helps Insurgency: Sandstorm stand out, is the focus on intense and brutal combat with more focus on realism, rather than run-and-gun action known from Call of Duty games.