SWTOR sets world record, largest voice over project ever

We've kind of reached a point of world record oversaturation. After all, its cool to run the quickest 40-meter dash or climb Mount Everest in the shortest amount of time, but cooking the world's largest panini really doesn't excite us much. That being said, this record for popular MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic seems noteworthy, the game laying claim to boasting the most lines of recorded dialogue in the history of any media project. 


With over 200,000 lines of recorded dialogue, we imagine Electronic Arts has helped feed a lot of hungry voice actors. You can find this and many other gaming-related records in the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition, available now in the US for  $14.99.

Looks like Bioware has the head-start on another record as well. Most players banned for trying to visit the wrong planet.