SWTOR patch 1.1.2 breaks Ilum PvP again, BioWare ‘investigating’

Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 1.1.2 went live yesterday, apparently breaking Ilum PvP once again.  This time, according to the official SWTOR forums, kills in Ilum are not counting towards the Daily and Weekly PvP Quests.

Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez has finally responded to players, acknowledging the issue and giving a quick update.

"The dev team has been investigating the cuase of this issue and they're closer to figuring out a solution.  As mentioned before, we'll keep you updated with any new developments.  Thanks again for your patience on this."

It's your pretty generic update, with no much detail or information, but at least we know BioWare is aware of the issue.  This is the latest setback for Star Wars: The Old Republic and its PvP system which has underwent a major change in the most recent patch.

This also isn't the first problem with Ilum's open-world PvP.  After the Ilum changes in patch 1.1, we predicted the faction with the heavier population would crush, camp, and stomp the opposing faction – which is exactly what happened.  Although technically not a "bug", people did abuse the valor mechanic and, in some cases, gained as many as 20 Valor levels in roughly 4 hours.