SWTOR devs working to fix “ability delay”

Star Wars: The Old Republic Technical Design Director Emmanuel Lusinchi gave fans a quick update on "Ability Delay" some are experiencing in the game.

In updating fans on the team's progress, Lusinchi emphasized that they are "fully aware" of the sitaution and taking it "extremely seriously".

"As pointed out by some people on the Forum, a very responsive experience is one of the factors that separate the best MMOs from the others," Lusinchi explained.  For reference, you can check out this entire thread dedicated to Character Rsponsiveness and Ability Delay in SWTOR.

"Several of the issues brought forth by the community have already been dealt with and you should see the fixes integrated in coming patches, including those coming this month," noted Lusinchi. "Every lead mentioned on the forum is being investigated and I cannot stress enough how useful your feedback is – especially when coupled with the level of details found in some of the posts."

BioWare has been pretty spot-on with patches and their once-a-week release schedule.  This latest patch featured a couple quick updates, including the most recent one today – patch 1.0.2c.  Today's patch was a small one aimed at fixing an in-game mail exploit.

"So I’d really like to thank the community for this very constructive feedback," Lusinchi concluded.