Swords & Soldiers US release date!

 Juen 3, 2008

Swords & Soldiers out for
American Wii systems next Monday!

3 Long weeks after its
Euro-Australian release, Ronimo Games’ debut-title, the critically acclaimed
WiiWare game, Swords & Soldiers will be available in NTSC regions starting
Monday the 8th of June.

Braving the waves of the mighty
Atlantic, the Vikings have set sail. Destination: the new world, America! Europe
and Australia have already witnessed the barbecuing, dead-raising and
hammer-on-the-head-smacking chaos that is Swords & Soldiers! Community- and
critical-reviews of this fresh side scrolling RTS have been exceedingly
positive! And now it is America’s turn to join the quest for the freakishly
large pepper! As Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese mix it up in a symphony of
barbecue-envy and vegetable growing contests, claim your place in the most
incorrect version of world history to date!  Ronimo Games is proud to
announce the game will be released in NTSC regions coming Monday 8th of June all
will cost you only 1000 Wii Points. For everyone lucky enough to visit E3 this
year, be sure to check out the game at the Nintendo booth. Grease up your grills
and start slicing some hams, you are about to go on a barbecue safari!

About Swords & Soldiers
Swords & Soldiers is the first side-scrolling strategy game on Wii, allowing for
accessible and deep gameplay, a clear overview of the battlefield, and most
importantly, for our artists to show off their beard-drawing skills. Players can
choose from three powerful and unique factions as they let loose their armies
and cast awesome spells to destroy the enemies’ castle. Swords & Soldiers is
developed and published by Ronimo Games. For more information, visit





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