Sword & Sworcery and others go free to celebrate App Store anniversary

The musical indie adventure from Capybara Games and Superbrothers is now free on iOS. The companies and Apple reduced the price of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to nil to celebrate the App Store's 5th anniversary, Capybara announced on its blog.

The price drop is only temporary, however.

"If you already purchased #Sworcery, from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for your support," wrote Capybara. "We are definitely cosmic friends forever. If you enjoyed the game, please help spread the love and remind your friends they can experience the Scythian’s woeful errand on us, for a limited time."

Sword & Sworcery is one game that I was always eager to play on a mobile device. In my PC review, I complained about the finicky controls, but that's an issue that might be alleviated on a touch device. After all, the title did hit iOS before ever coming to PC, Mac, Linux, or even Android.

It's also a game that I highly recommend playing.

Several other great titles are free right now as well: Badland, Infinity Blade 2, Tiny Wings HD, and Where's My Water?.

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