Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment boasts free DLC costumes and major update

Now that we’re only a week away, it’s officially time to get pumped for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment if you somehow aren’t already. What better way to kick thing off than with some free costume based DLC? I’m not sure there is an answer to that? Well this a thing for all the heroines of SAO:HF.

These ladies will be given a dress shirt, wedding dress, nighties, and school swimsuits. Feel free to play dress up as you put the heroines in these clothes of your choice. Keeping morale up is always necessary as you ascend further unto Aincrad’s dangerous floors. This DLC will be free from August 19th to November 18th. After this date, you won’t be able to even purchase this content.

Come September 23rd, brand new content will be released. This update will raise the max level cap from 200 to 250, 50 new Hollow missions, heroine quests, new bosses, weapons, areas, and more for an estimated 30 additional hours. 30 hours, that’s more than most games these days. Well done Sword Art, well done.