Sweet Christmas, Netflix renews Luke Cage for a second season

Don't expect it anytime soon, however

Netflix announced over the weekend that it will be renewing their Luke Cage series for a second season.

The first season released at the end of September and was the third in the line of Netflix's Defenders series following Daredevil and Jessica Jones. IronFist will release this March with The Defenders releasing later in the year. Daredevil season three and The Punisher's premiere season are also on the schedule with unannounced release dates so far.

Luke Cage, AKA Carl Lucas, is a bulletproof ex-cop who receives his abilities in prison experiments. After being framed for a crime he didn't commit, Carl escapes from prison and moves to Harlem where he takes the persona of Luke Cage. The series' premiere season introduces Cotton Mouth as the main villain and Luke must find a way to take down the criminal enterprise.

No word on who the villain will be for the second season, but the ending of the first pretty much gives it away. No spoilers here. With The Defenders and Ironfist on tap for 2017 along with Daredevil S3, The Punisher S1 and Jessica Jones S2 also slotted, don't expect Luke Cage season 2 before midway 2018 most likely.