SWAT: Target Liberty Raids the PSP

April 19, 2007

SWAT: Target Liberty Raids the PSP

Units Deploy To Stores in Fall 2007

Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi
Games, announced today that SWAT: Target Liberty, a 3rd person tactical shooter
game, will make its handheld debut exclusively on the PSP. Developed by 3G
Studios, the new SWAT: Target Liberty game will be available on the PSP system
in fall 2007.

Part of an award-winning lineage of games, SWAT:
Target Liberty captures the heart-pumping action of real-life close quarters
combat of specialized police units. With the help of Ken Thatcher, a 29-year Los
Angeles S.W.A.T. veteran enlisted as the game’s consultant, SWAT: Target Liberty
for the PSP system captures the same authenticity as previous titles.

Penned by script writer Scott Rosenbaum (The
Shield), the SWAT: Target Liberty game action is set in New York City where a
special weapons and tactics team is tasked with thwarting an ever increasing
number of international terrorist threats. Each officer in the unit has a
specialty and using a unique skill system, the player can upgrade their
individual combat expertise to increase their chances of success. The game will
also feature an ad-hoc multiplayer system which allows gamers to play in a
variety of game modes.

“Sierra Entertainment has a rich history of
creating SWAT games that are immersive and full of the intense action and we
don’t intend to disappoint with this upcoming version for the PSP system,” said
Cindy Cook, chief strategy and marketing officer for Vivendi Games. “SWAT:
Target Liberty was designed specifically for the PSP system to ensure it
delivers a full featured, high energy operation that lives up to what fans
expect from these hit tactical titles. The genuine feel of the game adds to the
adrenalin rush and excitement gamers will experience on their PSP systems this

Fans can polish up on their skills now by playing
the award-winning wireless version of SWAT. Named 2006 “Mobile Game of the Year”
by Spike TV, the game is currently available on mobile phones in North America
and Europe.