Survival is not enough in this Lost Planet 3 trailer

Check out the E3 trailer for Lost Planet 3, coming early next year to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Capcom producer Andrew Szymanski told Joystiq why the game contains the number three in its title despite being a prequel.

"It's really hard, because as you know, it takes millions and millions of dollars to launch a new IP, and so you could be just as worse off trying to launch a new IP than doing a sequel," he said. "We knew the game we wanted to make and we knew it took place in the Lost Planet world — I'll be honest with you, I personally don't like this whole subtitle craze. Lost Planet: Origins or Lost Planet: The Untold Story — it's the third game in the series so we called it Lost Planet 3."

The third-person shooter from developer Spark Unlimited introduces Jim, a rig pilot who leaves Earth to fulfill a contract on on E.D.N. III. He begins helping Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC) prepare the planet for colonization by surveying the terrain and collecting samples of its Thermal Energy source.

As NEVEC's own supplies run low, Jim braves the harsh weather, dangerous environment, and indigenous Akrid for a better paycheck and early ticket back home.

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