Survey Shows That Most 3DS Users Don’t Care About 3D

Nintendo’s main selling point for the 3DS has always been its glasses-free 3D capabilities. This is no doubt a very impressive technical feat, and it proves the company’s out-of-the-box way of thinking. Unfortunately, a recent survey has shown a lot of gamers don’t really dig the 3D.

According to the results, 22 percent of the individuals who participated in the survey said they enjoyed the 3D and felt that it added to the gameplay, reports GameSpot. Meanwhile a total of 28 percent of respondents said the stereoscopic visual effect took away from the overall quality of the gameplay. An additional 13 percent played with the 3D graphics turned off entirely.

The survey further provided results that weren’t very favorable for the 3DS. According to 56 percent of the individuals surveyed, a 3D gaming experience is more ideal on a home console. Adversely, only seven percent of the gamers surveyed indicated that they preferred 3D gaming on a portable platform.

These numbers don’t really help Nintendo in terms of the 3DS, and if rumors of an overhaul that tones down the 3D effects of the handheld are true, then it’s possible that the Big N will start moving away from the current graphical trick. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the company bounces back with the 3DS. With the right software and proper promotion, the 3DS could be a much more viable handheld than it currently is.

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