SUPERHOT VR finally releases with Oculus Touch

As brutal a VR game as you'll find right now

SUPERHOT was one of 2016's early indie darlings, and for good reason. It's premise, time moves when you move, was incredibly novel and made for a very strategic, tough, and action-oriented game. While talk about the game has significantly cooled over the course of the last year, it might be time to jump back in with the release of SUPERHOT VR. 

SUPERHOT VR is a standalone title built around the Oculus Rift and Touch and takes place within the same universe as the original game. Truly great games have been a bit of a tough sled for VR to this point, but SUPERHOT VR might just be the closest thing to a killer app at this point.

Here's a list of features in the game via an official press release:

  • Over 75 unforgivingly tough, physically exhilarating action sequences
  • 26 unique locations designed and fine-tuned for VR from the ground up
  • Hundreds of red crystal enemies to murder in viscerally brutal fun by smashing, shooting and slicing through them in bulk
  • Free arcade mode and challenge update coming in early 2017 for you to play SUPERHOT VR FOREVER 

You can grab SUPERHOT VR directly from the Oculus website or as part of the Oculus Touch game bundle.