Super Swing Golf Season 2 has Gone Gold

November 21, 2007

Super Swing Golf Season 2 has Gone Gold

The must have party golf game for the holidays
has gone gold

Tecmo announced that this holiday season’s party
game, Super Swing Golf Season 2, has gone gold and will be shipping on Wii.
Super Swing Golf Season 2 allows you to enjoy the fun of real golf play and the
excitement of competing against one another in a fantasy setting. Discover
original Tecmo outfits for your characters by playing through the single player
tour mode and challenge friends and family in the multiplayer party mode!

“Super Swing Golf Season 2 is a must have party
game this holiday season,” says Yoh Watanabe, Tecmo’s Marketing Manager. “It’s
designed so everyone from all age groups can play and have fun. There’s no doubt
this game will be a big hit at all the parties, so make sure to get a copy for
your friends and family.”

Super Swing Golf Season 2 features 14 fantasy
style courses, 8 playable characters, various selectable caddies, an abundance
of collectable costumes, equipment, and other Tecmo-style unlockables. Swing
away this holiday season with Super Swing Golf Season 2!