Super Mario Run comes to Android next week

Three months later...

Nintendo killed it in the mobile gaming scene last year by releasing games like Miitomo and Pokemon GO. After an eventful first half of the year, Nintendo ended the year by giving Apple users a new game set around the famous Italian plumber, Mario! Super Mario Run was Nintendo's take on the "endless" runner genre where players had to get Mario through a variety of levels without stopping. The levels are quick, somewhat challenging, and very fun! On top of that, the game offers a variety of extras like the "online" Toad Rally mode where players compete against players' "ghosts" to collect as many coins as possible.

Since December, Android users have been anxiously awaiting for the game to release on their platforms. In January, Nintendo revealed it would be coming in March but had yet to reveal a proper release date. Now Nintendo has officially confirmed the game will drop Thursday, March 23rd. The game will cost $9.99 just like the Apple version but it'll come with the 2.0.0 update which presumably packs in all previous updates and features added after December.