Super Mario Maker to come packaged with booklet of design ideas

Begin your career in making cruel level designs

Thrilling as it is to contemplate the plethora of creations that could materialize in Super Mario Maker, the sheer volume of tools at your disposal along with the openness for creative freedom can be intimidating for some. Thankfully, Nintendo has thought ahead and prepared a provision to get minds thinking in ways that go against the grain of Super Mario Bros. conventions.

In a way that calls to mind LEGO building kits, Nintendo revealed today that a special booklet will be bundled with copies of Super Mario Maker when it launches on September 11, 2015. This is in the hopes that the images contained within will inspire players to think up creative designs, using the booklet as a springboard of sorts.

See below for a preview of the madness players are encouraged to create.

Super Mario Maker booklet