Sunset Overdrive’s sidequests provide you with more narrative and other rewards

It's Thurdsay. You know what that means! Yes, we're one day closer to Friday, but also time for a new Sunset TV episode. This week's episode focuses mainly Sunset City and how it became the layered playground that it is today. In it, Insomniac Games' Brandon Winfrey explains the creative process of the city, explaining the core idea behind the game's traversial system. But it was in the fan Q&A portion of the episode where Winfrey details how sidequests in Sunset Overdrive will work.

Winfrey explains that a lot of the sidequests in Sunset Overdrive involves helping others characters. "They're surviving just like you, so give them a hand."

"But this is the awesomepocalypse so it's usually in an outrageous way," Winfrey assured, adding that sidequests will give you more narrative. "They'll either give you more backstory on Fizzco or you can kind of explore characters and various factions."

"But if you're morally opposed to storytelling, you're going to get rewards like cash, amps and vanity items as well."