Sunset Overdrive built to reward vertical traversal

In Sunset Overdrive traversing the city vertically is equally as important as moving horizontally. As explained by Brandon Winfrey in this week's episode of Sunset TV, Insomniac Games' weekly Sunset Overdrive video series, Sunset City was built so that the fastest way to get places is to combo your movement options.

"So you're going to bounce on a car; you're going to attach to a power line, flip over an overpass; you're going to bounce on an awning; you're going to run along the wall… all within the span of like 10 seconds," Winfrey says.

"The city wasn't just built horizontally either," he adds. "We built it vertically, and we want to reward players who utilize this verticality and combo traversal by not only giving them more style meter, but actually getting them places faster than those who just run along the street or grind along the rail for a while."

Encouraging this combination of movement options is the fact that the city is overrun with enemies, many of which will attempt to block your traversal path. While you can certainly fight your way through them, switching up your traversal path and style will help you get places faster.

Last week, Insomniac Games release the first official gameplay video for Sunset Overdrive, which you can watch here. And earlier this week, they went into even more depth offering more gameplay footage.