Summer Athletics 2009: The battle for Gold Medals heats up

February 2, 2009

Summer Athletics 2009: The battle
for Gold Medals heats up

Hamburg/Germany based publisher dtp
entertainment is currently working on Summer Athletics 2009. The sports game is
developed by 49Games in Hamburg and will be published worldwide in summer 2009
as a multiplatform title.

The battle for Gold Medals and
personal bests ignites excitement and healthy competition in Summer Athletics
2009. Athletes from all over the world run, throw, jump and swim for victory.
Millimeters and split seconds will decide the winners.

When playing with friends and
family, a living room quickly turns into a stadium. It’s not only four players
competing; in Summer Athletics 2009, they can chase records and beat their best
times as a team to eventually celebrate their big victory together.

The athletes compete in 28 summer
time disciplines, including 100 meters sprint, high diving, javelin throwing or
long jump.

With its interesting game modes,
controls perfectly fitting the different platforms and up-to-date graphics,
Summer Athletics 2009 will be challenging and fun to play at the same time.
Featuring various difficulty settings, the game supports the playing styles of
casual to frequent gamers.