‘Summer Adventure’ is this year’s Steam Sale meta game, and it’s brilliant

The Steam Summer Sale has kicked off and once again Valve has a brilliant new meta game designed to not only encourage players to actively participate, but also encourage them to spend more money. It's genius.

This year is the Summer Adventure. When you participate, you get placed into one of five teams. Each member of a team then contributes points by completing one of four tasks:

  1. Summer Adventure Badge – 10 points 
  2. Summer Adventure Foil Badge – 100 points 
  3. any other game badge – 1 point 
  4. any foil game badge – 10 points

As you can see, the Red Team is currently winning, which just so happens to be the team I'm on; however, since the sale started, the Pink team was winning at one point, then Blue and now finally Red.

The points are tallied each day, and 30 members who contributed points that day from the winning team get 3 games off their wishlist. Not too bad.