Sudden Strike 1.2 Patch Released


Immediate Release


versus the World!


patch fixes multiplayer compatibility…


Quebec. February 20th, 2001 – Strategy First announced today it has released a
patch for Sudden Strike on


US version 1.2 Patch fixes all multiplayer compatibility issues between Sudden
Strike European and North American versions. Players worldwide will now have
the opportunity to challenge each other to an epic battle of WWII proportions!


patch also allows for the following. For those who purchased the North
American version, these elements are already included:

support. Finds opponents from around the world seamlessly via the

unloading of troops from trucks. When a truck is selected, the units inside it
are displayed in the upper left of the screen. 

mines. This was simplified. Now you have to select a soldier carrying a mine.
Then you choose "lay mine" and right click where you want him to
place it. 

bridges. This too has been simplified. Select a supply truck. Select
"repair bridge" and then right-click on the bridge. 


Sudden Strike

released in January 2001, Sudden Strike is an RTS-style action game with a
World War II theme. Players control units from the American, German, British,
French or Russian forces, in three distinct campaigns that loosely follow the
major battles of World War two in numerous action-packed scenarios. Gameplay
is focused on fast-paced action with basic elements of realism, like towed
anti-tank cannons, paratroopers, indirect artillery, snipers, bazookas,
fortifications, etc….


environment is almost completely interactive, allowing for bridges, trees,
buildings and other structures to be completely blown up during combat. The
environment also allows for multiple strategies involving use of cover,
snipers, spotters, building defenses and surprise attacks.

beautiful graphics, realistic sounds and historically accurate unit art (up to
1000 units in a mission), Sudden Strike will transport players back in time to
battles set at Stalingrad and the landings of Normandy. Multiplayer mode is
heavily supported with up to 12 players in 4 teams, with cooperative and
head-to-head play.


Strategy First

First Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment
software. Established in 1991 and headquartered in historic “Old Montreal”,
Strategy First has become one of the largest publishers of PC CD-ROM games in
Canada. After acquiring Micomeq, a game developer located in St. Jérôme,
QC., and retaining talent from Midnight Software, an award-winning development
team from Ottawa, ON., Strategy First is poised to become a major force in the
gaming industry. Best known for its Man of War series and Disciples: Sacred
Lands, the company has also earned critical acclaim for its work on such
titles as Steel Panthers I and II and Age of Rifles for Strategic Simulations
Inc. Strategy First has worked with other leading companies in the software
and entertainment industry; most notably, A&E Network, Lucas Arts, Cinar
Films, Empire Interactive, and Strategic Simulations Inc.




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