Suba Games To Launch ACE Online Episode 3.2 This Week

June 10, 2009

Games To Launch ACE Online Episode 3.2 This Week

Episode 3.2 Offers A New War
System, Revamped Interface, New Maps And More-Launches Thursday, June 11

Wicked Interactive Ltd. today
announced the upcoming release of ACE Online Episode 3.2, a patch to the current
Episode 3 -War of Pandea, that offers all new content including a new Nation War
System, a revamped game interface, new maps, an all-new slot machine and new
cash shops items. The game can be downloaded at

"We are excited to launch this new
update for ACE Online," said Garvin Yeung, CEO of Wicked Interactive LTD.
"Episode 3.2 offers several updates throughout many different areas of the game
and we think players will be thrilled with the new content."

Click here to download
the latest version of ACE Online.

Nation War System Updated
The mothership war system has been completely revamped. No longer will
motherships be summoned based on nation points, instead they will be scheduled
at a specific times decided by the nation leaders. In addition, Outpost Wars
occur more frequently and are now activated concurrently of each other. Also,
rewards earned within the war system are now totally performance-based. The
better a player performs in combat, the better their reward.

Revamped Interface and New Maps
The game interface has been streamlined in many areas making it more
efficient. In addition, two new maps have been added to the game, Coronado and
Castle Corona. The Outpost Castle Corona and its battle map Coronado have been
added to the middle of the Pandea map chain, specifically at the map, Sunshine

All-New Slot Machine and Expanded
Cash Item Shop A slot machine has been added to the game to provide more prizes
to players. Players simply purchase tokens and insert them into the slot machine
to win various prizes. Some of these prizes include new Gear armor, S-type
recovery kits, and even some cash shop items. In addition, the ACE Online Cash
Shop has been expanded to include the sale of buff items that remain on a
player’s character for an extended period of time and will stay active until
it’s time expires. The cash shop has also been expanded to accommodate the slot
machine and all related items.