Studio 4°C and Toyota partner up for Peace Eco Smile

It's not everyday where we see a Japanese animation studio team up with a car company to develop a unique short based on its vehicles. That's exactly what happened when Toyota teamed-up with Studio 4°C, which is also known for its short in The Animatrix and Tekkonkinkreet, to come up with PES: Peace Eco Smile. Toyota Motor Corporation will be screening the animation at Anime Expo 2012,
which is held at the Los Angeles Convention center, starting from this Friday June 29th and running until July 2nd.

The premises of the shorts are actually quite nice. An alien named Pes comes to Earth and becomes enamored with a human girl, while also being fascinated by our cars, in this case being Toyotas. It's a somewhat silly premise but one that works thanks to its heartwarming story. If there's one thing for sure, it certainly doesn't feel like you're watching an advertisement for Toyota.

Talk about a unique style of advertising. Toyota certainly knows how to cater to their target demographic. If you happen to be at the  Anime Expo this weekend, make sure to give PES a look. Not only will you get to see a unique partnership between car company and animation studio, but you're sure to appreciate the amazing animation that Studio 4°C has done.