Strategy First elevates the first person shooter to another level With the release of Zero-G Marines


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First elevates the first person shooter to another level With the release of
Zero-G Marines


Quebec. October 17th, 2000 – Strategy First Inc., one of the fastest growing
independent developer and publisher of PC CD-ROM games announced today that it
will be releasing ZERO-G MARINES, an action packed, first person space combat
game in Fall 2001.


year is 2353, Earth has colonized the solar system. Powerful corporations reap
great profits from deep space industry and wield more power than the various
world governments. The largest of these is TerraCorp, a very powerful
organization with a heavily vested interest in the Vista Orbital Space
Stations (VOSS), orbiting the largest moons of Jupiter. VOSS permits access to
a wealth of resources and impressive research and manufacturing capabilities
in a zero-g environment. On September 18th, all contact from Station Europa
ceased. Within six months, one station after another fell silent. A last
garbled transmission from Station Ganymede revealed a military assault from
Europa, before it was spiked.


has decided to take the drastic step of sending the ZERO-G MARINES, an elite
marine force equipped with the most powerful individual weapon system ever
created. Their mission is to find out what happened on the Vista Stations, and
if necessary, use deadly force to regain control of the situation. With a
mandate to keep the peace in the frontiers of the solar system, their main
weapon is the Exo-shell, a deep space combat suit that packs more firepower
than any single man weapon in the history of warfare. The marines will be
months away from friendly forces in the cold vacuum of space against an
unknown enemy. If they fail, the threat on Europa might envelope the rest of
the solar system including Earth itself.


MARINES is a combination of first person shooter and squad based tactical sim
set in space to create an entirely new gaming experience. With a proprietary
3D engine, ZERO-G MARINES will elevate the shooter genre to the next level.
Action takes place on both the detailed exteriors and interiors of the space
stations. The game features several controllable vehicles, multiple weapons,
mission options such as weapon load-out and squad selection, and a strategic
campaign interface. Putting a strong focus on multiplayer, ZERO-G MARINES
allows for cooperative or head-to-head play over the LAN and Internet in
several fully 3D space environments.


Strategy First

First Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment
software. Established in 1991 and headquartered in historic "Old
Montreal", Strategy First has become one of the largest publishers of PC
CD-ROM games in Canada. After acquiring Micomeq, a game developer located in
St. Jérôme, QC., and retaining talent from Midnight Software, an
award-winning development team from Ottawa, ON., Strategy First is poised to
become a major force in the gaming industry. Best known for its Man of War
series and Disciples: Sacred Lands, the company has also earned critical
acclaim for its work on such titles as Steel Panthers I and II and Age of
Rifles for Strategic Simulations Inc. Strategy First has worked with other
leading companies in the software and entertainment industry; most notably,
A&E Network, Lucas Arts, Cinar Films, Empire Interactive, and Strategic
Simulations Inc.