Strategy First and PAN Interactive release a second demo for The Outforce


First and PAN Interactive release a second demo for The Outforce


Quebec. November 10, 2000 – Strategy First Inc. and PAN Interactive are
pleased to announce the release of a second demo for their real-time space
strategy game, The Outforce.


on the new and improved Outforce web site (, the demo is
aimed to give players a better idea of what the game will look like and how it
will play. Consisting of one mission and multiple levels of difficulty, the
demo will also include many of the game’s units, animations and in-game


The Outforce

Outforce, a futuristic real-time strategy game is set in the 25th century in
the far reaches of outer space. Mankind is forced to fight for survival in a
distant universe dominated by two rival alien civilizations – the aggressive
turtle-like Gobins and the proud warrior-like Crions. After a brutal and
destructive war, all three civilizations realize that peace must be made.
Leaders from each party meet to negotiate a peace process when suddenly their
space station disappears. Without a trace of the leaders, military generals
rally their forces into a new offensive attack. War has erupted again…this
time peace comes only by conquest!


Outforce’s compelling and addictive gameplay enables players to command one
of three races with over 120 units in a three-dimensional environment. With
the use of a free-floating camera equipped with variable zoom and rotation, as
well as an extensive physics system including such elements as pressure waves,
elastic collisions, gravity and push-and-pull forces, players will be truly
immersed into the weightlessness of space. An advanced system allows players
to execute commands, create scripts, and modify game variables and settings in
minutes. These features combined with a revolutionary AI system, capable of
learning and adapting to a player’s strategy, makes gameplay even more
challenging. Supporting multiplayer action over LAN and Internet, the game is
destined to pull players into a world unlike any other.


demo is also available on


PAN Interactive

Interactive Publishing acts as a nexus among various entertainment mediums. By
drawing on a global network of highly talented and successful people and
ideas, PAN develops the ultimate entertainment games. Developing partnerships
with such notables as Douglas Adams, author of “ The Hitchhikers’ Guide to
the Galaxy” and Hollywood creative studio Creative Capers, PAN has
positioned itself to leverage and develop its innovative brand within these

Strategy First

First Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment
software. Established in 1991 and headquartered in historic “Old Montreal”,
Strategy First has become one of the largest publishers of PC CD-ROM games in
Canada. After acquiring Micomeq, a game developer located in St. Jérôme,
QC., and retaining talent from Midnight Software, an award-winning development
team from Ottawa, ON., Strategy First is poised to become a major force in the
gaming industry. Best known for its Man of War series and Disciples: Sacred
Lands, the company has also earned critical acclaim for its work on such
titles as Steel Panthers I and II and Age of Rifles for Strategic Simulations
Inc. Strategy First has worked with other leading companies in the software
and entertainment industry; most notably, A&E Network, Lucas Arts, Cinar
Films, Empire Interactive, and Strategic Simulations Inc.


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