Strategy MOBA Aerena gets a new champion, game mode, iOS version

Aerena: Clash of Champions, the strategy-based MOBA from Cliffhanger Productions, received a major patch today, adding new features to the game and platforms to its roster.

The long-awaited iPhone and iPad versions of the game are now available, allowing players to experience the “drop in and play a match or two” nature of the game that Cliffhanger discussed with GameZone back in May. Aerena is designed for quick, intense matches rather than hour-long games of queueing and voting, and therefore perfect for the mobile scene.

On the gameplay side of things, Aerena has received its first support-dedicated champion: Sharina. “A combat medic aligned with [in-game faction] COG,” Cliffhanger said, “Sharina was designed with input from the first season’s top player.” Sharina comes as a welcome addition to the champion roster, currently composed of predominantly offensive characters and tanks.

“In addition to improvements for more fluid gameplay, players can enjoy friendly unranked matches and battle in Mid-Ships; the new arena of the Air Pirates,” the studio added, introducing Mid-Ships, a middle-ground between the game’s AI practice and competitive tournament.

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