Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Goes Gold!

January 25, 2010

Strategic Command WWII Global
Conflict Goes Gold!

It’s not only Global, it’s "Gold"!
Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict, the latest and biggest game in the
acclaimed Strategic Command series of World War Two grand strategy games, has
just gone "gold", and is available for pre-orders immediately. "Gone gold" means
that Hubert and his team have entered the "release candidate" stage where the
code is prepared for release, and the printed materials such as the box and the
game manual are going to print.

The game is expected to be released
for download within 4-6 weeks. Mail deliveries usually take 1-2 weeks longer.
However, you can place your pre-order already now, and you’ll not only be one of
the first to get the game once it’s released, you will also get the limited
edition* printed manual AND you will save $10 in the process!

When you pre-order, you will be able
to download the game immediately when it’s released (in fact, a little before
the official release announcement is made, giving you a head start on the crowd)
AND you will receive the box, CD and limited edition* printed manual in the mail
a little later. This "download & mail delivery" offer will cost $55 after the
release, and you can pre-order it now for $45, a $10 savings!