Step into The Legend of Arthur with Pinball FXs Excalibur Table

January 27, 2010

Step into The Legend of Arthur
with Pinball FX’s Excalibur Table

ZEN Studios continues to deliver
the goods with the 9th table for Pinball FX

The legend has been reborn! ZEN
Studios, a videogame developer and digital publisher known for its innovative
arcade, strategy and action games, announced today it is releasing Excalibur,
the next add-on table for their wildly popular Pinball FX game on Xbox LIVE
Arcade for the Xbox 360. Excalibur launches today and is available for 200
Microsoft Points.

“Ever since our launch back in 2007,
we knew we had a great pinball game on our hands,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, Managing
Director for ZEN Studios. “We love to return the support of our fans by
releasing addictive add-on tables, and Excalibur is no exception. We hope
everyone enjoys this fun and multi-faceted table as much as we loved creating

Excalibur follows in the footsteps
of fellow expansion tables Buccaneer, Nightmare Mansion, Street Fighter II Turbo
and Earth Defense in delivering a fast and frenetic pinball experience. Earn
your seat at the Round Table amongst the greatest knights in King Arthur’s
court! Participate in duels or jousting tournaments for honor, and defend
Camelot against the Robber Knights!

Excalibur features include:

  • Duel with other Knights of Camelot
    and try to retain the “King’s Champion” title as long as you can

  • Utilize Merlin’s tips and
    suggestions to lock balls in his tower in order to start Magical Multiball

  • Relive some of the most famous
    Arthurian legends by spelling T-A-L-E and spinning the Round Table

  • Hit swinging targets to open the
    hidden path that leads to Morgana’s lair filled with sorcery

  • Sneak into Mordred’s dungeon, or
    lead a full siege against his fortress

  • Earn some extra points by
    participating in jousting tournaments

Pinball FX combines the arcade
thrills of traditional pinball with enhanced game play, unparalleled graphical
detail and exciting, innovative features not found in any other pinball game.
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