Step into Rhythm Island!

January 21, 2010

Step into Rhythm Island!

Shed calories as you explore
Konami’s musical paradise in Step to the Beat on Wii

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
has revealed it will release an all-new fitness game concept for the Wii this
March, in the toe-tapping form of Step to the Beat.

Step to the Beat charges users with
continually moving to explore a vivid island while listening to a host of
well-known licensed tracks. The game can be played by holding a Nunchuck and Wii
Remote while walking on the spot, or by walking on a DanceDanceRevolution
controller mat or Wii Balance Board. Using these motions, keeping the rhythm is
key, and the combination of walking, music and exploration results in a varied
and fun way to exercise. This simple concept makes Step to the Beat accessible
to absolutely anyone, but has been designed to constantly surprise and enchant
as players spend longer on the game.

At the centre of Step to the Beat is
the colorful locale of Rhythm Island, and players explore the play area via
their continued movement and by accepting specific challenges. Users begin by
creating an avatar, and the game begins with the player simply keeping moving at
all times. By doing so, users will then earn musical notes which allow them to
add building, access new items, gain extra music tracks, or open up previously
inaccessible parts of the island. Rhythm Island is a place of constant
surprises, however, and returning at different points during the day, will
reveal additional, unique elements.

Step to the Beat features 120
well-known tracks, with The Black Eye Peas’ ‘Boom, Boom, Pow’ and Demi Lovato’s
‘La La Land’ just two of the tunes that provide the soundtrack to Rhythm Island.
Gentle aerobic exercise is a great way for all the family to stay fit, and
walking around Step to the Beat’s Rhythm Island is a brilliant way to burn off
calories while exploring a whole new world! And, furthermore, players can keep
track of their physical activity as the game constantly monitors and displays
the distance travelled, the steps taken, and the items that have been found!

Step to the Beat will be available
for Wii in March 2010.