Step inside Remember Me’s world with this interactive timeline

Capcom is broadening our view into the world of Remember Me with an interactive web tour that leads up to the year 2084, when the Neo-Parisian adventure begins.

"But how did this world — where your life experience can be sold as a commodity, or even stolen — end up this way?" reads a post on the Capcom Unity blog. You'll find answers and more questions on the webpage, which provides a surprisingly comprehensive introduction to the game. Remember Me releases on June 4 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The timeline spans five chapters and contains backstory, live-action movie clips, and other details as a way to solve some of the mystery before launch — or at least pique our interest.

You can scroll through the journal of Antoine Cartier-Wells, the founder of mega-corporation Memorize and the creator of its Sensen engine, which allows for online memory sharing in this fictional version of the future.

"You have found it because you use the Internet and live in a world where social media, sharing, and information consumption is a way of life — welcome to your world," one of the first slides reads.

The timeline captures scenes and thoughts from Antoine as a child through his adult life and features sound clips of major scientific and technological breakthroughs, a motion scrapbook, records of world events, and more.

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