Steel Diver: Sub Wars Multiplayer Trailer takes gameplay to new depths

On Nintendo 3DS’ eShop, Steel Diver: Sub Wars dives to whole new level! Take on opponents from all around the world, shoot them with torpedoes, accidently strike allies, and become the sub master. On nine unique maps, take your sub carnage across the world’s water ways. Find your foes with sonar, communicate with friends with Morse Code, and torpedo the hell out of your foes.

The Free Version will includes:

  • 2 Total Submarines
  • Online & Local Multiplayer
  • Few Crew Members
  • Limited Customizable Submarine Patterns
  • Two single-player missions

The Premium Version includes:

  • 18 total submarines
  • Online & local multiplayer
  • 30 crew members
  • Fully customizable submarine patterns
  • All single-player missions

Check out the trailer above and rule the seas!