Steam Gets Indie Shmup Inside a Star-Filled Sky

Inside a Star-Filled Sky from developer Jason Rohrer managed to achieve critical acclaim when it launched for PC not too long ago. The game, which was previously only available on Rohrer’s website, offered satisfying shoot ’em up gameplay with a twist: players had the ability to enter power-ups, enemies, and other objects to explore new levels within them and change their functions.

Inside a Star-Filled Sky offers a unique concept that radically changes the way gamers think about shoot ’em ups, all while continuing to offer the intense action that the genre is known for. Visually, the game has a nice retro aesthetic to it, and indie fans should be instantly mesmerized with the colorful design of the graphics. And for you gamers who really like a challenge, don’t expect to get through this download so easily. Rohrer has developed a tough shooter that should keep you enthralled for its duration.

For those of you who have been waiting and hoping for Inside a Star-Filled Sky to hit Steam, you’re in luck. The game recently launched on the digital retailer. And while you are definitely encouraged to support Rohrer’s hard work by shelling out $12 for the game on its official site, the budget-struggling gamer can currently download this worthwhile shooter on Steam for just $7.99.

I’ll definitely be downloading my copy of the game soon. It’s this type of unique thinking that drives the indie gaming industry forward and allows people to enjoy new types of games. If you’ve got a hankering for a solid shooter and want to play something a bit different than the standard shoot ’em up, definitely check out Inside a Star-Filled Sky.