Steam Summer Sale 2016 begins, here are today’s deals; DOOM, Fallout 4 Call of Duty and more

Make your wallets cry this week!

It has begun, the Steam Summer 'Picnic' Sale is on and the deals are rolling in. Starting today, until July 4th at 10PDT, the Steam store will be updating daily at 1PM ET bringing new deals to PC gamers. Now, we already know how to save money during the sale, so lets start talking about the deals themselves.

Some of the best deals today bring the new DOOM to $35.99 (40% off) and Fallout 4 to half its original price. Additionally, the Deus Ex series is discounted to 75% off and the Call of Duty games are 50% to 67% off.

Note: You'll want to make yourself familiar with the Summer Sale Bundle sales that might offer some extra deals on puzzle games, JRPGs, survival games, and more.

As far as hardware sales go, Steam Link is 30% off which puts the priced at $34.99 and the Steam Controller is 30% off putting the price at $34.99.

If you're a VR-phile, there's something for you too Catlateral Damage($4.99), Call of the Starseed($23.99), House of the Dying Sun ($17.99), and Windlands ($15.99) are all featured in the sale, as well as a couple more VR games.

Here's what matters, the beef of the Steam Sale sandwich, the Highlighted Deals. This deal will offer the lowest price for the games it touches, so, if the game you've been dying to play is listed – you'll want to jump in.

Make sure you browse the rest of the store, because there might be some games discounted that are not listed under the Highlighted Deals.

Highlighted Deals

Stellaris 10% $35.99
NBA 2K16 80% $11.99
This War of Mine 75% $4.99
Stardew Valley 20% $11.99
Darkest Dungeon 40% $14.99
Arma Franchise 20% ~ 80%  
Call of Duty Franchise 50% ~ 67%  
Sonic Franchise 50%  
Assassin's Creed Franchise 35% ~ 75%  
JackBox Party Pack 2 65% $8.74
Anno 2205 40% $23.99
Banished 66% $6.79
Tycoon 33% $6.69
The Solus Project 20% $15.99
Deus Ex Franchise 75%  
Gauntlet: Slayer Edition 75% $4.99
Orcs Must Die 2 75% $3.75
War for the Overworld 57% $12.89
Grandia 2: Anniversary Edition 50% $9.99
Surgeon Simulator 2013 80% $1.99
Cobalt 65% $6.99
The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare 25% $7.49
Kholat 60% $7.99
60 Seconds! 50% $4.99