Steam Holiday Sale Continues, Arkham City 50% Off

Steam's epic holiday sale continues today, with a slew of new offerings. Though we advise passing on Telltale's disapointing Jurrassic Park treatment at $14.99 (50% off), snagging all three Mount & Blade titles for just $12.49 (75% off) is definitely advised for hard strategy buffs. Defense Grid and Monday Night Combat are also excellent bargains, offering turret-based mayhem for just $2.49 (75% off). 

Though the biggest deal today is obviously the critically-acclaimed Batman: Arkham City at half price. For just $24.99 you can experience perhaps the greatest Dark Knight adventure ever seen in a video game, at a price no other outlet will be offering this holiday season.

There's a few other games on today's list you might be interested in, but we'll leave it to you to boot up the Steam client and take a look. Happy shopping!